PlanMYstory Campaign Strategies

Campaign StrategyOutcome
Webpage for planMYstoryWeb page was added to health department website containing the following sections:
  • What’s planMYstory?

  • Why are IUDs and implants the first choice for birth control?

  • How do these methods work (hormonal IUDs, nonhormonal IUDs, implants)?

  • Debunking myths about IUDs and implants

  • Rationale and tips for planning your future

  • Why it’s important to start the conversation early

  • Real stories; what local community members are saying about pregnancy prevention, IUDs, and implants

  • Talk to your doctor about whether an IUD or implant is right for you

Social media
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages were created for the planMYstory campaign

  • 7 boot camp participants served and recruited other well-connected community members to serve as social media ambassadors

  • The hashtag #planMYstory was used

  • Prominent community members were recruited by boot camp participants to be featured in poster images

  • The following images were used: 1) a mother talking to a teenager; 2) 2 male athletes and 1 female athlete wearing local high school sports jerseys; 3) a young couple; 4) a new mother and her baby; and 5) young women comforting an anxious peer

  • Posters were created by MAHEC marketing with headlines tailored to different target audiences

  • All posters had the planMYstory campaign message: “New and improved IUDs and Implants are safe, affordable, available, and more effective” and either said “Plan for your future” or “Start the conversation early” with additional phrases, “Talk to your doctor or contact the Health Department” with the phone numbers for each clinical location, the campaign webpage, and the hashtag #planMYstory

  • Posters were distributed at public locations and businesses throughout the 2 counties, including medical practices, high schools, nail and beauty salons, restaurants, churches, and community centers

Promotional items
  • Lip balms and nail files with the phrases, “Start the conversation early” or “Plan your future” and the campaign’s webpage and hashtag were created

  • Promotional items and posters were distributed at 7 community events for students, young parents, families

Education sessions
  • Presentations were given by the health department supervisor for women, parents, and health professionals to learn more about LARC methods at 5 community sites, including the county DSS offices, middle and high schools, and the county library. At sessions, she distributed posters and promotional items

News coverage
  • A newspaper article was published in both counties’ newspapers titled “Sites of national innovation: community using a cutting-edge model to spread birth control message,” featuring information about IUDs and implants, the planMYstory campaign, and the boot camp translation process, with quotes from boot camp participants

  • The health department clinical supervisor was interviewed on a local radio show, where she discussed LARC methods and promoted the planMYstory campaign