Development of the LARC Message in 2 Rural Western North Carolina Counties

MeetingTopicKey Concepts Boot Camp Participants Identified to Incorporate into the Development and Dissemination of the LARC Message
9/2016Key medical information
  • LARC (IUDs and implants) is safe, effective, affordable, and available

  • LARC works for women of all ages

10/2016How to say the message
  • Use tailored and plain language

  • Identify where things are going well

  • Appeal to cultural identity of targeted community

  • Spread message through multiple channels with unexpected messengers to deliver message

10/2016County values, interests, attitudes about contraception and pregnancy
  • Consider the important roles of sports and church in these communities

  • Parents are concerned about talking to their teens about sexual activity, and they are afraid that talking about it condones it

  • Teens in these communities receive sexual education after they have already initiated sexual activity

  • There is not much knowledge about LARC, but people are supportive when they learn about its effectiveness—even parents of teens

12/2016The LARC message
  • New and improved IUDs and implants are safe, affordable, available, and more effective

  • Plan for your future, start the conversation early

1/2017How to spread the message
  • Make a website with information about IUDs and implants and include local community members’ (anonymous) stories about contraception and pregnancy

  • Create posters featuring images of local community members with LARC message and information about availability and cost

  • Create promotional items (lip balms and nail files) with LARC message, website link, and campaign hashtag

  • Distribute promotional items and posters around public spaces (at restaurants, local businesses, schools) and at community events (5k race, high school prom)

  • Use social media campaign to post information about LARC and share locals’ stories (using hashtag #planMYstory); give presentations to organizations and parents (“how to talk to kids about this”)

  • Publish newspaper articles about campaign with medical information about IUDs and implants