Family Resilience Inventory (FRI) To Assess Protective Factors Across Generations

We know what is expected of each other
  • “They [children] know what to expect. They know what we expect of them. They know before they can have the remainder of the day to themselves they’ve got to do some things first. Clean your room or clean the dishes. We even will clean the house as a family actually.”

Education is valued
  • “That’s what I told her, ‘I don’t care if you do anything with your degree, but I want you to have a degree, something to fall back.’ I just felt because I would have wanted that.”

We express love and affection freely
  • “If you’re going to go somewhere …tell your parents that you love them before you leave.”

We laugh a lot
  • “You kind of laugh a lot and that kind of thing … because otherwise it’s too stressful. If you don’t laugh, you cry.”

We have a lot of family time together
  • “What I most liked was he gave me attention. We’d go out fishing, hunting, just like regular guys and we’d go out with female friends and everything and working together, share things together.”

  • Source. McKinley CE. 2020.